Other Vegan Teens’ Links I Love 


The Vegan Activist

The VeganActivist has a large number of YouTube videos on interesting vegan topics.  In this one, he contends that so many people struggle with going vegan because they haven’t realized “that any inconvenience that you face is insignificant compared to the suffering and destruction that you would otherwise cause through your indifference.” He talks about a speech that had a profound impact on his decision to go vegan — a video that has been watched millions of times around the world. Check him out!

Plant-Powered Haile’s Vegan Story

Celebrity Teen Vegan Haile Thomas talks about her vegan story. Haile’s activism for inspiring others to eat a healthy vegan diet has led to her being a guest at the White House and appearances on major TV shows. In addition, Aetna insurance company features her story and non-profit organization in their 2016 African American History Calendar. Check out under the video on YouTube for ways to follow Haile’s journey and get her advice!

Interview with 14-yr-old Kevin the Vegan Kid

Kevin, now 14, went vegetarian over 2 years ago and transitioned to vegan diet after watching Earthlings. In this interview, he talks about how family and friends reacted. His parents accept his decision now, and although he endured some “hassles and fuss” from his peers, there’s now 7 other vegans at his school, thanks to Kevin’s influence. He gives some good advice. For more, check out his YouTube Channel.

Surviving High School as a Vegan

The Sweetosis Siblings talk about the challenges of being vegan in high school. They hope this video help some teens out there who are struggling with being vegan and standing up for animals at a time when doing so can leave you isolated and ridiculed. You are not alone!

Raised Vegan: Nina & Randa

Nina and Randa have been vegan their whole lives. I think they know what they’re talking about!

Lila’s C.’s Message to the Paris Climate Talks

Vegan teen Lila C. urges world leaders to consider the effects of animal product consumption on climate change. Check out her organization, the Earth Peace Foundation, where she offers a free guide for young people going vegan.

Vegan Teen Cutie Conner Harris 

Connor Harris shows what he eats as a vegan teenager.

Vegan Teen Activist V. Abhay Rangan

Indian vegan teen activist V. Abhay Rangan says “the most violent weapon in the world … is our fork.” “Veganism is enormously beneficial to the planet, to us, and to the animals. It is the Swiss Army knife of the future.”

Being a High School Vegan in a Nonvegan Family & Area

Georgia of the UK talks about convincing her friend to also go vegan and how to survive and stay inspired when living with nonvegan family in an area that isn’t very vegan-friendly. Follow Georgia on Instagram or her YouTube channel.

How To Get Your Parents to Let You Go Vegan

Isabella Fons and her dad give suggestions for how to get your parents to let you go vegan.

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